Sunday, December 21, 2008


OLGUIS said...

I like to enjoy the food and try to simplify the daily food to everybody who has to cook and sometimes they dont no what to do.
Regards and Merry Christmas.

Mar said...

Thanks for you visit, I love made cake in fondant, and your photos are beautiful,
A kiss for you

Cindy said...

Simply gorgeous! Merry Christmas

Van said...

These look so delicious

Diane said...

Looks beautiful & scrumptous!

mesilda said...

Hello susan!!
Thanks for your visit. Your blogs are
are fantastic. The alien is amazing, is like a real one. Your cakes are delicious.

I don´t know any english but my son is writing this for me. I hope you understand it.

Kisses and Merry Christmas.

tartasacher said...

Hello Femin Susan:

Thanks for you visit in my sweet blog I love made cake in fondant, and your photos are beautiful,
Merry Christmas

Karla said...

Hi..thank you for the say my creations are wonderfull?! What should I say about yours???They are absolutly amasing!!!
merry Xmas


rahma said...

wahhh.... hhmmmm....yummy!!!

Music Food and Love said...

As you probably noticed by my blog, I suck at taking pictures! Just looking at these ones I probably got fatter a few pounds. Yummy!

Poppy said...

Happy Christmas.What gorgeous cakes,love them all.

Liz said...

Thanks for popping by my blog and your kind comment! Your blogs are amazing. Do you make the cakes? The photos are beautiful!

Merry Christmas!


María José said...

So many lovely things...I could´nt say the one I like most.
Merry Christmast and a happy new year.
María José.

Rosy said...

RIQUISIMO TODO, muy bello!



MARYMERY said...

THese cake are so amazing!!but i have a doubt: i don´t know if you make the cakes or take the photograph?? Merry Christmas!!

MARIA said...

Yummy, yummy and beautiful!

Anya said...

yummieeeeeeeeeee , make you the cakes self ???????
Wonderful creations, beautiful :)

Doris said...

WOW! Ace of Cakes, eat your heart out (no pun intended.) Your artwork is outstanding!

Tea Time With Melody said...

Wow, what great treats! I give tea parties and am always looking for something with strawberries to serve.

Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a sweet message. Always fun to meet new blogger friends.

Barbara said...

Is there anything that you cannot do!
I don't usually visit so many blogs on one person's site but yours are amazing.

vintagewindow said...

Hello, Thanks so much for your visit to my blog (steponitart) and your kind comments.

I was drooling with every photo of the beautiful cakes. WOW!!

Do you own a bakery? If so where is it located?

Happy New Year

mommaof4wife2r said...

now, i need to eat cake. :)

Leslie said...

I just made the huge mistake of stopping by your blog when I'm starving. You cakes look simply devine! Wow.

I will be back - but on a full stomach - I'm not going to torture myself again!